I Believe The Promise

*I Believe The Promise

About the visions

And the dreams

That the holy spirit

Will be poured out

And his power will be seen

Well the Time is now

The place is here

And his people have come in faith

There’s a mighty sound

And a touch of fire

When we’re gathered in one place




*I Believe that the

Presence of God is here

There’s not one thing

That can’t be changed

When the Spirit

Of God is near

*I believe that the

Presence Of God is Here

When two or three are gathered

When People rise in faith

I believe God Answers

And his Presence is in this Place


(Repeat Verse AND Chorus)


*Nothing on earth or Heaven

Can stop the power of God

Into our hands is given

The call to take it on

No Ocean can contain it

No star can rise above

Into our Hearts is Given

The power of his love


(Repeat Chorus 3x)


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